Hid in the Sierras
Unique and creative art, photography and
mixed media.
Hi !  I am Janice Morris (Hatfield),  I like to
take photos of the Eastern Sierras where I
live. I love all kinds of art, digital and
traditional art, in all mediums.  I like to mix
them up a bit in all kinds of combinations of  
mixed media with art and photography. I like to
paint landscapes, portraits, pets, classic cars,
wildlife, you name it! My favorite is abstract
though, it is very therapeutic.

I hope you enjoy my site, I do try to  update it
often.  If you would like to buy prints of my art
or photography, you can do so at......

My favorite art and photo site where you can
read reviews and ratings  of my work, and you
can also purchase prints through Paypal is,

My E-mail is                                                    
1So there you go! Thanx for visiting, be safe
and stay cool 8-).
Horse Shoe Lake

Photography is a passion that just recently in the last few years I have really
enjoyed! The camera I use is a Nikon Coolpix 5400, given to me a few years
back by a dear friend.  This is an example of one of the many photos featured
in my gallery's.
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This site is a 'work in progress' and I try to
update it often.  Feel free to check out the
links below to see ratings and reviews of my
work. 8-)
One of my latest adventure
was to the northern parts of
California, including mountains
and beaches.

Joshua Tree is in the so.
Califonia desert. It is a great
place to hike and climb.
Just for kicks I have created
MY Karaoke Page
...and my video page
Just Horse'n Around
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