So as I said...airports! I am not sure when we are getting to LA now because the flight has
been delayed....we were sapposed to be there at 9:00, now maybe 11:00? LOL! anyways  
hope every thing goes ok, I am more nervous about catching fights than flying!  gotta go for
now.......   still here.....sigh.
I am bored
so I took a
terrible pic
of the
Tarmac at
the Reno
LOL!!  Hee hee! We really
got far didn't we?
Our flight got canceled
because the pilot got sick!  
So, the airlines put us up
at the Grand Sierra
Resort...with this
gorgeous  view, which I
took another terrible pic
of...oh well I am beat, it is
about 1:00 in the morning.
So We will be getting a
direct flight to Chicago
tomorrow and that is that,
what can you do except sit
back and enjoy the view!!
Here are some pics of the hotel that I took before we left.
We were lucky to have no more problems with our flight and
....I think I pretty much scored with this pic!! How cool is this? It is my first paparazzi shot,
LOL!  He sat right across the Isle from my son and I with his girlfriend....or wife?  Anyways,
it was really awesome and quite the fun plane ride!!
It has been a long and exciting day and I am going to end it.  Tomorrow we will be hitting
the Lincoln Park Zoo and other sites in Chicago before heading to Michigan and my daughter
and her families home.....and the fall colors...ta ta!
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