Hid in the Sierras
New Adventures...
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Bodie is an old mining town in the Eastern Sierras. I  like to come to this cool place about
once a year. The last visit was  sept, 17 '07. It was a beautiful Indian Summer Day and if
you click on the photo  it will open a page with more pics and the history of this infamous
mining town!

Please stay tuned for pics of my next adventure! Next month,  October 13th,' 07 I will be
going to back east to catch some awesome fall colors.  I will be spending the day in Chicago
and getting some pics of the local sites, I am really looking forward to Millennium Park and
the Lincoln Park Zoo and  what ever else....possibly a trip to Niagra Falls !

Well here we are at the Reno Airport  I am getting ready to take my first commercial
flight in a jet...quite the experience.  stay tune for updates when it is possible, next stop
LAX, arriving at well....we shall see lol!  Click this pic of Chicago to see what happens next...!
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New Adventure coming up! Mount Lassen, Mt Shasta and the upper California
to Oregon coast are going to be the high lights of this trip. Be sure to check
back in March on the 9th, 10th and 11th, 2008
I am back and am posting the pics from my road trip...Hope you enjoy! Just
click on the pic to see it!