Hid in the Sierras
About me.....
I live in the eastern sierras, and draw a lot of my
inspiration from this beautiful place. I feel lucky
to be here with my family and pets. I have three
grown children and 2 grandchildren. The last
years of my life have been spent here, hiking and
snowboarding and riding horses.

I was born in Hawthorne, California in the year of
the '57 Chevy and raised in Orange County. I've
been an artist since I could remember. I had a
great art teacher in high school, did some night
studio classes in L.A. when I was sixteen and
seventeen, then some college art classes.

I don't like doing the same things all of the time,
so I try to offer a lot of versatility, hopefully
you'll find some thing you like. 8-)
This site is dedicated to
Talen and Arya
All of the photos and art work on this site are the property of Janice Hatfield and are
not to be copied, Thanx!