Welcome to my road trip to the northern parts of

I Just recently I took a little road trip to the northern parts of
California. It was a quick one, but I got lots of pics!
On May 22, 1915, an explosive eruption at Lassen Peak, the southernmost
active volcano in the Cascade Range, devastated nearby areas and rained
volcanic ash as far away as 200 miles to the east. This explosion was the most
powerful in a 1914-17 series of eruptions that were the most recent to occur in
the Cascades prior to the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens. Lassen Peak is the
largest of a group of more than 30 volcanic domes erupted over the past
300,000 years in Lassen Volcanic National Park
Mount Shasta was formerly known as Strawberry Valley, Berryvale and Sisson. A
long history of mythology surrounds the mountain, including legends of
Lemurians, Atlanteans, Secret Commonwealth citizens, dwarfs, fairies, Big Foot,
and space beings who materialize at will. Mt. Shasta draws visitors from all over
the world, some seeking spiritual insight, others to glory in the beauty and
natural wonders that "mother nature" has to offer here in this unique alpine
This is a long stretch of sandy beach with numerous right and left peaks.
Crescent Beach is a large beach just south of Crescent City. Due to the size of
this beach, it can work with virtually any swell direction. However, being wide
open also leaves the waves here very exposed to the wind. When the conditions
are right, there are numerous peaks to surf along this beach. And if the
weather cooperates, Crescent Beach can be a nice place to hang out.
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